Remove rubbish :

Litters is unattractive, harmful to wildlife, and can increase. Plan your trip to minimize rubbish by not taking bottles and cans. Rinjani has a “pack it in –pack it out” policy, so be sure to carry out of the pack whatever you carry in.

Keep to the track :
By keeping to the trail, you avoid trampling undergrowth and risking getting lost in the forest.

Camp with care :
When camping, camping, leave no trace of your visit.

Keep streams an lake clean :
Wash well away from the water source by talking water in a container. Soap and detergent are harmful to the creatures that live in the streams alike, drain used water into the ground.

Bury toilet waste :
In areas without toilet facilities, bury your toilet waste in a shallow hole well away from waterways, tracts, campsites and shelter. Take care with fires. Portable fuel stoves are less harmful to the environment and are more efficient than fires. If you must use a fire, keep it small and make sure that the fire is out before leaving by dousing it with water and checking the ashes.

Respect cultural and natural heritage :
Help protect the spiritual and historical significance of Mt. Rinjani by respecting our local culture. Conserve wildlife and plants of the National Park by not removing anything.

Consider other visitors :
Walk quietly trough the forest so that you do not disturb the wildlife that you and others have come to see.

Enjoy your visit :
Enjoy your visit and before leaving the area take one last look - will the next visitor know that you have been here?

- Smile and greet people, especially elders.
- Shake hands, gently.
- Accept hospitality and food. You do not have to eat and drink, but it is polite to ACCEPT.
- Say goodbye and thank you when you leave.
- Dress modestly. Women should keep upper arms and thighs covered.
- Bend down and walk around seated people when you need to pass.
- Use only your right hand to eat and to hand objects or money to someone.
- Be sure to sit at the same level as other people.
- Wear a sarong when entering the house of Melokaq (Adat leader) and when participating in ritual and adat ceremonies.

- Enter houses, building or village without being invited.
- Wear shoes inside a house.
- Point at people with your finger. Don’t ever use your foot to point at objects or people.
- Point the bottom of your feet directly at people whilst sitting on the floor.
- Touch anyone’s head.
- Step over people or food on the floor.
- Eat with your left hand, or use your left hand to give or accept objects or money.
- Raise your voice, especially in anger.

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